Revolutionizing vegetation management for solar and energy facilities.

A mowing crew that works like a machine.

Renu Robotics is revolutionizing the way solar and energy facilities conduct vegetation management.

Renu’s Generation 3.0 autonomous all-electric tractor—the RenuBot—has multiple innovative features that set the standard for autonomous vehicles in the vegetation management sector. No other autonomous vehicle has incorporated a Mission Control Center that continuously monitors, controls and sends updates in the field, while allowing access on specific mobile screens to track performance.

Renu Robotics

  • Designed specifically for utility-scale operations.
  • Artificial intelligence for autonomous navigation.
  • Mission Control constantly monitors, controls and updates bots in the field
  • Fully electric with solar changing skids available.
  • Self-adjusting mowing deck for uneven or rocky terrain.
  • Automatically returns to Recharge Pod to charge and perform updates and downloads.

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Hire a mowing crew that shows up to work, 24/7/365.

Save as much as 30 to 50 percent on your O&M budget.

Eliminates accidents and oversight of mowing crews.

Ability to operate at night optimizes scheduling.

Reduces 20,000 pounds of CO2 per year.

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Renu Robotics is unlike anything available in the field today.

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